Monday, September 30

Project 24: Shades of White

You probably think I've disappeared off the face of the planet again.  I've been so busy with college classes, volleyball photos, a wedding next week, and random out-of-town trips.  I'm really trying not to loose inspiration with Project 24.  I have enjoyed the project so far, but finding a good enough photo for the theme is proving to be more and more difficult.  I am determined not to give up, so here is this week's "Shades of White."  I've got a lot of sessions that I need to blog, so don't give up on me yet! ;)

Wednesday, September 4

Steinke Family

I know I've done several photoshoots at the ranch in Montana before, but every time I do one there I am always so pleased with the results.  Setting out knowing that you'll have golden fields, rustic fences, and old barns as elements of your shoot, you know it's going to turn out amazing.  This family session was no exception!  The Steinke family was a dream to photograph.  I know I'm biased because I'm related, but this is hands-down one of the most gorgeous families I've ever photographed.  I'm pretty much posting their entire session because I love them all.  The ones in the field at the end are especially amazing.  Oh how I love my job. ;)

Monday, August 26

Project 24: Sunlight

What better place to find sunlight than in the "Big Sky Country?"  I love this photo so much!  It just has such a "Home on the Range" feel. :)

Saturday, August 24

Retro Beach Session

I know what you're probably thinking.  Another beach session?  Another photoshoot with Catherine?  The answer to both is YES!  I mean come on, can you ever really get tired of the beach?  And Catherine is so incredibly gorgeous that I don't think it could be possible for you to get tired of seeing her pictures.  Okay, it's possible, but not likely. ;)  Even though I LOVED our last photo shoot together (Christmas Angels), this one was a lot of fun.  The beach just has such a laid back and relaxed feel to it, you can't really go wrong!  The inspiration for this shoot was retro themed.  We threw the shoot together in a matter of minutes, but I love how it turned out.  Some of these photos just make me really happy.  Hopefully they'll make you happy too. ;D

Happy photo alert on the right! :D

P.S. I have determined that I really love close-ups.

Project 24: Splash of Red

What better red then the red and white stripes that symbolize our freedom?  This photo was taken on the ferry to Alactraz.  I love the wind rippling the flag and the San Francisco Bay in the background.

Project 24: Fruit or Floral

This year on vacation we went fruit picking a lot.  This is a really good thing because I LOVE picking berries.  We decided to try something new and pick some famous flathead cherries near Glacier park in Montana.  I'm so glad we did because the cherries were so ripe and perfect for picking.  I think we had collected four buckets full in less than five minutes!  Things go fast with seven people working and enjoy it. ;)  The cherries were so picturesque, it was hard to narrow down the photos to post just one.  And let me tell you, these cherries tasted even better then they looked. ;)

Friday, August 23

Jon and Charity-Engagement Session

This week I had the pleasure of shooting a really fun engagement session.  Even if it was 112 degrees, we still had a great time.  A country picnic, fresh squeezed lemonade, raspberries, banners, and balloons were just a few of the elements of this session.  I had so much fun assembling and props and putting this shoot together (kudos to my sister and mom for putting together the adorable little cakes).  Jon and Charity were such a joy to work with because they just really love each other. I hardly even had to tell them what to do, they were such naturals!  Congratulations, you two!  I'm so happy for you and can't wait for your wedding. ;)

Monday, August 19

Project 24: Detail or Close-up

When I think of "Detail or Close-up" the first thing I think of is eyes.  And why not make it the eyes of my favorite horse in Montana?  Introducing "Star," the sweetest and most beautiful horse you'll ever meet.  Seeing this guy is always a highlight of my vacation.  He's just so sweet, how can you not love him instantly?  There's just something so gentle and kind about his eyes.  There are so many details about this close-up that I love, but then again I just love this horse. :)

Thursday, August 15

Beach Family Maternity Session

You know those perfect photo shoots that I talked about in one of my latest posts?  Well this is a pretty good example of a perfect shoot. I always look forward to doing photo shoots for my Aunt and Uncle.  I love being able to relax and just capture a family having fun together.  Every session we do just gets better.  I don't know if it's the fact that Fisher just keeps getting cuter, the fact that my aunt looks amazing pregnant, or I'm getting better, but I think it's a combination of all three.  This shoot was extra special because this family is soon to be a family of four.  I had so much fun during this lifestyle beach photoshoot, and I can't wait to meet my new cousin soon. :)